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top 5 list of live bands i can stand being in public for

it’s down to these. at least the top 5 list isn’t getting any shorter. andrew bird josh ritter aimee mann father john misty calexico

definitions: Nog Pocket

Nog Pocket: when you throw some egg nog in the bottom of your coffee cup, brew some espresso on top of it, and forget to stir in the nog before you drink it. the nog pocket comes at the end… Continue Reading →

at @foxeggmn hanging the 5th annual @ofscars show. get excited!! oct 4, 5pm.

why are you touching my groceries

If you know me, you know I am decent at maintaining control of what is happening to me or around me. This may be either way under- or way overstated depending on how much time you spend with me and in what context…. Continue Reading →

definitions: sportscurb

sportscurb: when you are biking up to a curb and you think there’s a ramp thingy but there isn’t and you have to hop it. used in a sentence: “SPORTSCURB!”

I think Helen’s laundry is cute. is that weird?


blue wax polar bear, sparkle nail polish, a locket, a sprint plan, graph paper, tape, coffee, toy robot, rocks from the big lake, post-its. #mydesk


“what kind of a pizza maker frosts a cookie like that?!”  

things that stop winter from destroying you

1. pajamas that were hanging up by a heater 2. cars with remote starters 3. the hilarious things your children do when they have cabin fever delirium 4. same as number 3, but the dog 5. heating pad (you don’t… Continue Reading →

human evolution wish list

antennae laser beam eyes gills / webbed feet (water package) sonar/radar/echo location biorhythm control module teleportation mind reading with shut off valve emotion shut off valve intention detector w/mind changer (the above three as a perception package)

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